Unsolicited Testimonial
As the Son of an Ivanhoe landowner, I know the beauty and serenity your community possesses. The towering pine trees that seem to scrape the clouds, the miles and miles of shoreline that embrace millions of gallons of spring fed lakes, and the sky so blue the color can't be described. My appreciation for Ivanhoe is rooted in the fact that so much natural beauty can be enjoyed by so many. The best way to experience Ivanhoe is from the water. This community was developed with that in mind. Whether it's fishing for the trophy bass, pontooning to a friends' for morning coffee, or skiing on a lake of liquid glass, the water is the catalyst that brings all of this beauty and fun together. My greatest enjoyment is watching the faces of my kids when I say "let go for a ride on the boat."    Matt Parr, Dawson Marine, Jasper, TX
email: billwweeks@aol.com